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Sheet Masking for newbies..

Rather than your standardised masks that come in sachets and tubs these Korean made products are designed using a thin cotton or fiber sheet which is infused with serums and essences. These are known as breakthrough products nowadays as they promote ease to busy lifestyles but still give your skin the care it needs.

The sheets themslves are pre-cut to align with the contour of our faces and the holes are there to protect our more delicate features (eyes, lips and nostrils). Facials themselves can be an extremely expensive luxury to have on a twice weekly basis so I think it’s great that sheet masks have finally made it to our shelves so we can start getting in on the action.

Masque Bar have desgined a wide range of sheet masks to suit different skin types or skin concerns. I always seem to opt for more brightening treatments so obviously I had to give their Brightening Sheet Mask a go! Masque Bar have actually made their range exclusive to Boots and they retail at £9.99 but are currently on offer for £6.00, I will add a link in if you want to grab a bargain quickly! The box itself comes with 3 individually packgaged masks, which is great if you want to distrubute them out between your friends or even split them as stocking fillers/birthday gifts. 

Applying the mask is not as messy or tricky as you may first think, although dependent on your face shape or size will determine how well it fixes down. From experience I know my face is quite small so there was a small amount of gathering around the edges but that’s not to worry as it will still do its job! The sheet, as it has been soaked in product, is extremely cooling and once attached I recommend you lay back and relax. Oh and also, maybe avoid people for the next 20-30 minutes as you could be mistaken for a mass muderer ….!!

Afterwards your skin will feel supple, soft and nourished. I definite would recommend anyone to give these a go, whether its the Masque Bar range or another that you can get your hands on. These however are the only affordable ones I am yet to come across and I look forward to trying out a few of their other ones, including the new eye masks they have just launched.

By Natalie Jackson

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Recommend Four, October Edition… 

October seems to be the month of change in my eyes, the weather has slowly dropped in temperature and the darker nights are drawing in closer and closer, along with the fear of waking up in the morning and having to de-ice the car….! Other than the extra hour in bed and the talk of starting the Christmas shopping, I have been trying out some new beauty items this month and thought I would share four of them with you all. 

Also just to add, these are not neccesarily Autumnal related , nor do they scream Halloween (excuse the pun), they are merely four products I have continuously used throughout October which I would recommend. I will add links and tags where necessary so you can locate them online if you would like to know more details.

1. L’Oreal True Match La Touche Magique

This newly formulated and packaged concealer by L’Oreal is definitely a lot more appealing than its previous older sister.  The silver body now has a sleek sophisticated image and definitely feels more luxurious. The formuation is designed to boost radiance to the under eye area and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but with the coverage to conceal blemishes. It is therefore an all round concealer, although I would avoid using this on severe problematic areas as it will only draw attention to them. In regards to shades, I opted for Rose Beige mainly because the pinker the concealer the easier it will work at correcting any dark circles. However, there are a number of shades to get your hands on and if you are unsure try putting a small amount from the tester onto the back of your hand then dab away!

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Shine

Revlon actually do a number of different finishes and colours in this range and so far I am only yet to fall in love with one (that’s not to say we don’t have time to change that!). This lipsick has actually been in my collection for sometime now but for some reason this month I have really drawn a liking to it. Let’s talk colour… it’s named Lovers Coral 825 and is has  pinky peachy tone, in fact it’s extremely similar to my beloved YSL lippy in number 15 (a previous blog post has a review of this if you havent read it yet) so that could explain things :). The formula of Lovers Coral is creamy, shiny and comfortable to wear and it only leaves a wash of colour to your lips. It is by no means opaque but its also not washed out like a lip-balm. The 3 other different finishes in the range are creme, matte and pearl and If you would be interested in me doing a follow up post all about the others in the range please shout out in the comments below.

3. Superdrug Soft Touch Hair Grips

Now these are life changing!! Any girls or guys (some guys out there might pin their hair up, right!?) also find that a lot of hair grips or bobbie pins slip out of position and end up not even doing the job they were made to do? Well, this is why these have fallen into my recommend four post because I no longer feel this issue affects me and my only gripe now is that Superdrug keep selling out and I am finding it hard to stock pile (sad face). They come in a 3 different shades I believe Blonde, Brown an Black and from past experience it is the Blonde range which is the most opoular. The pins actually have a matte finish painted on which is why they are more prone to stay put and it is a genius idea. I mean I am not saying they are indestructable, because they bend out of shape over time like the rest but I can forgive that. Honestly please try them out, they will change lives. 

Lastly, 4. MAC Matte Powder Blush in Mocha

I always use a MAC Blush, over the summer I ws addicted to Legendary, a stin finish Marilyn Monroe edition blush, it’s stunning. But now the colder months are here I thought I would started swpping things out. This blush is fully Matte and has no shimmer so a luminating powder or highlighter is probably a staple to go with it. Mocha is a dusty pink brown with a hint of mauve, great for light definition and to warm up the face without too much going on. It’s a natural flush for the autumn winter months and definitely recommend swatching it out at a MAC counter. 

That’s all from me for now, hope you enjoy my recommend four and let me know if you recommend anything!

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Face Masks of the 21st Century..

Are face masks really worth the hassle? Well, in fact, I think it’s more a case of us feeling like we don’t have the time to be entertaining them and sitting around for minutes on end. Life in the 21st century has definitely changed into busier lifestyles and lazier past times. However, as life has evolved so have products! There are now no longer the need to use the standard “one use” face masks and you can now buy them in tubs and tubes which can sit pretty on your bedside table. Along with the packaging the formulations have also improved and now more varieties are available for people who are “on the go”, meaning this ever neglected skin care step can be made the most of. 

One formula I have been trialling at the moment has been the leave on/over night masks. These are perfect for people who are extremely busy during the day (e.g. our full time workers including those mummy’s out there) and people who would just rather slap on a one product wonder just before bed and know there will be no mess, no further need to get out of bed and just overall less hassle. Oh and most of these over night treatments are generated to give you moisturisation whilst you sleep so you also wake up with refreshed skin! Below, I have gone through two of my current favourite leave-on masks and why I reach for them the most..

Nuxe, Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté– this one smells like refresher sweets, so easy to apply and I have been using it for over 8 weeks now…I tend to pop it on all over my face just before bed, once I have cleansed, then what happens is magic! Overnight my skin has absorbed all of the product from the surface which means no need to wipe away any remains. The products actual instructions say to leave it on for 10 minutes and then either massage the excess in with fingertips or remove with a gentle toner. As usual though, i never like to follow strict instructions and swear by just leaving it on overnight, for me it just works a lot better, as it then acts like a two in one and there is no need to re-moisturise until the morning. This product by Nuxe is also great for the eye contour area and as it is a mult-functional it is a great one to take away with you whether this be for a summer or winter getaway. Overall a really useful and practical face mask!


The Body Shop Drops of Youth, Bouncy Sleeping Mask– The Body Shop alway seem to come out with weird and wonderful concoctions and recently their Drops of Youth range stunned the beauty market. There are a couple of different products within the range but the one I have reached for the most is the Bouncy Sleeping Mask. It literally does what it says on the tin!! Very much like the Nuxe mask, this is left on overnight and I use this as the final step in my skin care regime. My skin then soaks up all the goodness by the time my 07:00am alarm goes off and leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth and extremely refreshed. The mostintriguing thing about ths product is the texture… if you’ve already tried it you will know what i mean (leave me comments below on what you thought?). To explain it in the easiest way possible it is like a jellied cream/gel hybrid, this makes it incredibly cooling on the skin and the odd consistency makes for a very interesting application. I personally think this is great for dull skins to add something back and also, for using on an overnight flight, however i would recommend decanting a small amount into a travel pot as the glass jar will not fair well if thrown about in your carry on or suitcase.
If you as well, have any reviews on these products please leave me your links below or comments on what you thought. It would be interesting to find out whether these are highly thought after seeing as masks are not a popular as they should be. 

Speak soon,

By Natalie Jackson

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The Summer ’15 Base..

As the Autumn/Winter seasons slowly but surely draw in on us, I thought it would be fitting to write to you guys about what products I have been reaching for over the Summer months. This is just a list of 4 make-up items I haven’t stopped using and will most likely continue to use until they either run out or my skin starts changing (darn that Winter skin). Hopefully this will also inspire any of you that haven’t tried them, to give them a go because after all they are blog worthy 😉 enjoy! 

Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm- this brightening, energising balm is perfect as a priming base for me, not only does it add extra moisture to your skin but it also preps it beautifully for make up. On top of this, there are a number of different uses for this product so it is very versatile and for that fact it is a great travel companion. If you are someone who wants an all in one highlighter, primer or daily moisturiser this is definitely the one for you plus if you are wanting this for travelling purposes the packaging is ideal as there is no glass, just a plain plastic squeeze tube!! Hooray!!! One other element is that the balm is also anti-ageing but as I always say don’t let that put you off fellow 20+(s), it’s always better to prevent rather than cure!

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation SPF19– I actually got this foundation a few months back but because the shade I was matched to was a little dark, I wasn’t able to use it until after my holiday. The shade I currently use is BR30 and the foundation itself is a dream. It sits beautifully on the skin and you definitely do not need to use a lot of it. I find one pump is enough to do my whole face and it gives a nice healthy plumped look to the skin. It also smells incredible!!! Who doesn’t want a nice smelling face!? The science behind the magic is that it’s said to contain an infused lightweight fluid which is designed to even out your complexion and help conceal imperfections, enhancing the skins natural look. I would agree, it is by no means a high coverage foundation but it does a great job of looking natural on the skin and with a little extra concealer, in those difficult areas, you are good to go. 

Clarins Instant Concealer 01generated mainly for your eye area this concealer provides a high coverage with customised correction for any difficult dark circles you are finding hard to disguise. It’s a delicate formula so it doesn’t allow to much dragging under the eye contour area and works beautifully as a standard concealer for any red areas on your face. Overall this is a great brightening concealer for under the eyes but with the heavy duty coverage of a standard face concealer so a must have in anyone’s make up bag! For anyone wanting to know I currently have 01 in mine :). 

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder White 7– baking has come about in the blogging/makeup world recently and it’s one of them things that you just want to give a go so I reached for any loose light powders I had and that’s where this started. I currently use this pressed powder under my eyes after I have concealed, I don’t follow the baking rules strictly as I don’t leave it on for however long but I do press it down and leave a slight residue that can be dusted off after a few minutes. This not only helped the concealer to last longer but it also helps to brighten the under eye area. This powder in itself is long lasting and gives a smooth finish to any application, whether this be to your entire face or just localised areas (e.g. under eyes etc). It is packed full of vitamin e and does not contain any oils so great for any oiler skin types out there. 

by Natalie Jackson 
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Under £10 hair care..for blondes/ colour treated or dry hair

Being a blonde is very high maintenance and bleaching it every 8-10 weeks is not only demanding on the bank balance but it is also very distressing on the hair itself. The best way to keep your blonde or any hair that is coloured, for that matter, at its best is to deep condition it regularly and use moisture kicked hair products. 

I’ve dabbled in many hair care ranges in the many years I have been blonde, these being high end and low end but ive never really found a firm favourite. Instead I have an array of go to products on all level of price ranges and I’m here to run through my current uses and let you know what my thoughts are. Plus these are all relatively affordable at under £10 each! 

Shampoo and conditioners have grown a lot since the standard Pantene formulas and now you can get every requirement needed for any hair types. As my hair is fine and bleached I always look for products to give volume, along with moisture. However, until recently this was very hard to find, as normal products that contain high moisture levels or conditioning properties weigh the hair down and lack volume. And vice versa with volumizing shampoos being too stripping. Dove recently came out with a new range called Advanced Hair Series which is a pro- line off their standard range. It has a few different shampoos and conditioners targetted to different hair types and the one I have been reaching for the most is the Oxygen Moisture line in the light blue packaging. 

I use both the shampoo and the soufflé treatment (deep conditioner) and they really are worth the money. At around £6.99+ each (sometimes even on offer- I did just pick up a back up bottle of the shampoo recently as it was half price at £2.99!!!) it is definitely a little more than the standard Herbal Essences or L’OREAL but the formulation is just brilliant. The shampoo lathers up and has a great clarifying finish but without the stripping and drying feeling. It also makes your hair feel light but with added moisture and the soufflé left on for 5 minutes max really helps nourish it even more. These products are definitely something I will continue to purchase over and if you are looking for a set which do not weigh your hair down yet still gives you the conditioning you need I would recommend you try these out. 

Two other products I use when washing my hair are toning products. Again, ive tried a lot of these being blonde and these are just two of them which I have currently in my shower. My main look when buying a toning product is the colour of the product- is it blue or purple undertoned as both will give you slightly different outcomes. Blue will usually go more silver and purple will usually go more on the icy/pink side. Both for me are fine and a good toning shampoo I have been using at the moment is the Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo (purple based). It is created to knock out the yellowy tones in bleached blonde hair to give you a more pure white colour and as long as you don’t leave this on too long, then that’s exactly what this gives you. It’s an excellent affordable toning shampoo and so easy to get your hands in the UK. I tend to use this once a week, leave on for about 2-3 minutes and wash out immediately following another shampoo. I feel this gives the best effect without it leaving my blonde too dull. Another product great for toning is the Quif- White Lightening  Creative Colour. 

This is more a conditioning like treatment and last for around 30 washes, it retails around £9.99 and isn’t the easiest to get hold of. I ended up ordering mine from their online store but it did only take a few days to arrive, so a few pros and cons. Although this product is difficult to locate it is great for knocking out the darker tones and really easy to use, I just put it on like a normal moisturiser and leave on for around half hour. The smell isn’t offensive and I would definitely repurchase- once I have got through some of my other hair care products! 

If you have any recommendations for colour treated hair or blonde hair please do let me know, I am always up for trying new things and reviewing them!!

Also, if you have any questions regarding anything I have spoken about in this post or any of my others contact me via Instagram, Email or Twitter! 

Thanks for reading.

By Natalie Jackson

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Affordable Products…. 

It seems like all I ever do is add products to my ever growing stash that I either do not need or have never intended to buy but it still always excites the hell out of me!! And why not take the opportunity to write another post about some fab affordable skin care! Because let’s not try and deter from the fact that naturally we all think we have to spend an arm and a leg to get decent skin! 

So, taking one for the team I went to both Boots and Superdrug, not in search for anything but because I am an addict who can’t stop looking at new things to try out and thank goodness I did cos I found some pretty amazing gems… here are my thoughts on these: 

First off is technically a make up item but still falls into the category of wanting flawless skin. Real Techniques brushes have been something I have used for well over 2 years now and it was not long, before I was aching to try out one of the brushes from the Bold Metals range. These brushes are classed as the more high end/ deluxe/ Pro line and have been ergonomically created to fit into a make up artists life. I decided to go for the pointed foundation brush which is amazing for getting under the eye and around the nose area. It’s not my normal buffing brush, so if like me, these are your usual go to brushes then maybe this range isn’t for you just yet. Although the powder and contour brush do also look incredible. I still loved the finish it gave to my foundation and I would 100% recommend these to anyone that is in love with make up as much as me.  I just secretly hope they bring even more (face) brushes out for me to drool over in the coming months!! ;).

Now to the skin care…. L’OREAL not that long ago came out with a range which was unlike any other drugstore skin care brand and this included a micellar water and cleansing oil. More recently they have extended the range which includes a serum and a set of moisturisers for us young adults (20+). For me, I found this amazing, as a lot of skin care brands usually target the teenage or mature skin and I somtimes think us middle of the bracket folk are forgotten about. LOREAL’s range for this, is called Skin Perfection and the product I decided to try out was the Anti-Fatigue Perk-Up Cream. Anyone who knows me, knows I will try anything that claims to brighten, refresh or rejuvenate the skin so this was always going to end up in my basket. I can say for sure, this is a lovely product, it has a micro-bead formula and as you massage this into your skin it forms a light colour base. Very similar to the Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer. I am definitely going to save this for when I got on holiday as I think it’ll be a great base for in the day over some SPF. 

Onto a cleansing favourite of mine now and also a dupe for the infamous BioDerma micellar water. Garnier have finally done it, que the Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin…. I have honestly tried a number of these beauties in the last couple of years and this one sure does hit the rest out the ball park. It’s so easy to use, incredibly gently but tough at breaking down the hard stuff. I 100% urge all of you to go out and give this one a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Great value for money and something my skin loves. 

Now as I’ve been making such a big effort to look after my skin I really wanted to try out some moisture mists. A big blogger favourite out there is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and yes, it’s fab but is it worth the price point!? I’ll let you make your own decision on that (maybe leave me a comment below and tell me what your thoughts are on face mists) so I thought why not try one which is at the other end of the price scale. Superdrug have their very own Vitamin E range and that’s where I spotted the Refreshing Toning Mist. Smells just like baby wipes, a really fresh, clean smell and i have really enjoyed using it. This is going to be another one I am going to keep for my holiday in July or kept in my stash for the colder months when my skin isneeding  something extra.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my mini review/haul and if you have any recommendations for affordable Skin-care please let me know in the comments below, tweet me or instagram me! 

By Natalie Jackson xx 

Links added below.


Featured above:

Garnier- Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml/200 uses

RT Bold Metals 107 Foundation Brush
L’Oreal Skin Perfect Perk-up Cream 35ml

Superdrug Vitamin E Refresh Toning Mist

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Flawless by Sonya- Forever Living Range

Recently, I was sent a couple of new skin care products to try out from the Forever/Forever Living range and thought to myself why not take this opportunity to share all about them on my blog. 

I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to trying out different products, only because chopping and changing your skin care can become quite damaging to your skin and rather than it give you the effects you desire, it can almost backfire into a multitude of nasty breakouts. However, a lady called Claire contacted me last month and asked me if I would be interested and after a few questions exchanged, I decided I would love the opportunity to write about something that I haven’t actually heard much about. 

Starting at the basics- Forever or Forever Living is a product based company which manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty inspired products and they promote the opportunity to live a healthier life. Immediately this drew my attention as you can assume correctly, that all the products used are made of the finest natural ingredients. 

The two products that I have been kindly sent are within the Flawless by Sonya range are these are all Aloe Vera inspired (based) and therefore very natural and kind to your skin. These two products are part of a collection which is claimed to be a breakthrough in anti-ageing technology but do not let this put you off if you are in a younger age bracket. Any anti-ageing or products for the maturer skin are just designed to be gentler or more hydrating than the average skin care range. Therefore, the only skin type this would not suit would be extremely oily- sebum based skins. Sorry to those that this effects however, they do have a few different ranges so there will be something for everyone and I have added links below, so visit these if you are interested. 

Now to the products themselves, the first of the couple is the Aloe Purifying Cleanser. This cleanser is unlike any cleanser I currently have in my collection and quite frankly it’s been a breath of fresh air, as I have over the past year been sticking to balm cleansers which can sometimes be a little high maintenance. This cleanser has a buttery, milky, gel like consistency and just melts straight onto the skin, breaking down and lifting the make up off the skins surface. It leaves an oil like residue which with a Muslim cloth or cotton pad soaked in either hot water or a miscellar water (my favourite being Bioderma) is so easy to remove and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I would advise doing this step twice for the best results. 

It has a lovely refreshing, soothing feel which I am guessing comes from the fact it’s like a hybrid of a gel/cream cleanser and the spa like scent makes it a joy to use and almost very calming. The subtle lemon scent also has a great awakening feel for the first morning cleanse of the day. All in all this has been a fab cleanser to use, it has a price tag of £26.84 but a little goes a long way and I still have a lot of this product left to enjoy. It comes in one standard retail size of 177ml, 6fl oz. 

The second of the duo was the Aloe Nourishing Serum with white tea. This again has a rich looking texture but very light and moisturising to the skin. The size of the bottle really surprised me,as normal serums usually have a very concentrated bottle, so my initial reaction when seeing this was that maybe I would need to use a lot. No, this definitely is not the case and instead you get a lot for your money. I absolutely love serums and feel they do provide you with that added “something extra” you need to bring back that radiant complexion we all crave for. This one is very easy to apply it doesn’t sink in straight away like some oilier serums but I much prefer that, it also makes a great base layer before your foundation. Some days I wouldn’t even need to contemplate a moisturiser because this gives such amazing moisture control. Admittedly this isn’t ideal for any oily skin but as stated before most anti-ageing or hydrating ranges won’t be. It has again a spa like scent, much like the cleanser but without the lemon. This retails at £33.36 for 118ml worth of product. 

Both products have been an absolute dream to use and work with and I will continue to use them and then I will make the decision as to whether to repurchase now or use up the rest of my stash beforehand. Either way- I will definitely have these in my collection especially during the winter months. 

Looking at the range of products in this collection, I am very intrigued to try out the rest and even check out some of their make up products. 

The products themselves are so natural that they have without a doubt made my skin feel a lot smoother in texture, the tone of my skin has evened out and a lot of the redness has disappeared. These are all properties of Aloe and you can see the benefits it has on the skin almost after the first use, which for me is always a big winner. There are negative tendenacies towards Aloe in general, but it is a natural ingredient promoted to help improve our bodies and the only way it would have any negative effect is if its working alongside a chemically processed product. Just something to bare in mind if you are looking to use any of these. 

I will leave links below for the lovely Claire who introduced me to this range and if you are interested then please feel free to check them out. Alternatively, if you have any questions for me beforehand you can catch me on my blog, Twitter or Instagram! 

Thanks for reading, ByNatalieJackson. 

Claire Friend- Forever Living (UK) Ltd

Sonya Skincare